Snow Summit

From the time of childhood, whenever I ever imagined about a glimpse of heaven, the view of cushioned heap of white snow always luminousness in my eyes. This new year I went to visit snow summit at Big bear lake that is situated an hour away from San Bernardino, CA. The plan was also to visit Crestline, CA where I am thinking to move next year as department is rotating me to the division of design. Crestline is about 18 mile from my district office. Living is cheap there too. All I wanted to check was the condition of road during snow season before I make any decision.


Crestline was not bad but was not feeling like to breath there. It was so congested. Actually you can't move back to CA when you start living in Arizona. I know I am gonna miss Bullhead City next year. It's OK, it is only 1.5 year. I'll come back to Needles.


Saying about Big Bear Lake, it was awesome. We did ski and had coffee, wander around in city, played with snow little bit. I liked to feel the vicinity. As I am not really a fun guy, I always tries to find a empty space and like to lost in daydreams with a cup of Starbucks’s Chai tea latte. Have you ever forget that moments of Barista cafe from Model Town, Ludhiana.