Jas Grewal

Artist & Photographer

While studying Civil Engineering, I found more interest towards arts when my teacher ever asked me to draw or design architectures. Engineering drawing and computer graphic drawing were always my favorites subject in the entire engineering course.

Photography started engrossing my mind from the day when my father bought a Yashica camera for me from his Japan trip. I was just 12 years old and from that time I am capturing Beautiful Moments of Life, Admiring the mother Nature, Portraying the Smiles of People.

I captured several Award-Winning pictures and directed some short movies. My recent Short Movie ' Khoon Aali Chithi' got nominated in Film Fare Awards in Mumbai, India in January 2018.


Besides working as a Transportation Engineer in the California Department of Transportation, I try to nourish my photographic skills in my off days and always seeks suggestions and comments from the ones who love Photography and Art.


Jas Grewal

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